Dr. Roni Zyc

Specialist in Orthodontics





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Graduate of the Hebrew University Dental School, and Tel Aviv University's orthodontics internship. With 40 years worth of ecperience, Dr. Roni Zyc is considered as one of Israel's leading orthodontists. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Roni Zyc is a senior instructor in the orthodontics internship of Haifa's Rambam Hospital. 

Invisalign is a cutting edge invisible orthodontics technology. It allows high-quality teeth dental alignment treatment, with ideal comfort for the patient. Dr. Roni Zyc is Israel's leading Invisalign expert, in terms of experience and number of patients. 

Dr. Roni Zyc operates two orthodontics clinics:


Tel Aviv Clinic

14 Weizman st., 15th Floor, Room 1509

+972-3-6092369 | +972-3-6956191


Rishon Lezion Clinic

10a Hayekev st.

+972-3-9524486 | +972-3-9524485

Along with Dr. Roni Zyc, the staff includes additional dentists, dental hygienists and medical secretaries. Dr. Dan Zyc (Dr. Roni Zyc's son) is a notable staff member.